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If your company needs to send the same information to a large number of people, whether they are customers or employees, the quickest way to do this is by sending Bulk SMS. You probably have heard of bulk SMS right? So, this mobile communication channel is nothing more than sending SMS in large volumes. Many companies have abandoned traditional forms of communication and have chosen to send messages to their various stakeholders, as a means of facilitating channel. They also tend to reduce costs in communication processes.


In addition, there is a key feature for anyone who wants to send mass SMS to large volume lots: flow! And what does that mean? It means that it is not enough for the web interface to accept the upload of an Excel with 1 million lines since the SMS sending platform must also be able to sustain this shot. And there are few companies in the world which can handle such a flow.


Alcodes serves many companies from different sectors, sending SMS through its system to the most varied number of contacts, in a practical, fast and economical way. For companies that want to send bulk messages, Alcodes offers two different ways to deliver.

How does bulk SMS sending works?

There are two types of SMS: promotional and transactional. The transactional SMS refers to the messages used to communicate the customer of some transaction, as banks already do today. When any trigger is activated, they are customized and generated.

Already the promotional SMS serve to create customer acquisition campaigns and are used to make bulk mailing. That is when we want to send the same message to a very large number of customers. Sending bulk SMS needs to be done through a tool designed for this since it is practically impossible to send a message to one.

Why do companies send bulk SMS?

The reasons are many. But the most obvious reason is certainly the instantaneousness and the guarantee of reading that message has. By communicating through the cell phone, it is always within reach of the user, who can have any type of device and will be sure to receive the SMS. In addition, mobile messages have opening rates above 95%, which is considerably higher compared to email, for example,i.e. companies that send bulk texts are guaranteed to impact the target audience. This is done in a cost-effective, practical and fast way.

Why invest in sending bulk SMS?


Everyone has a smart-phone, a tablet and a profile on at least one social network, right? It may seem like this, but you have to remember that for a lot of questions, there’s a section of the population that has’nt yet embraced developments in technology.

Moreover, depending on the internet and 3G people can greatly reduce the reach of your communication.

  • Also, keep in mind that within the portion that uses these handsets, there are several ways of engaging with them. Particularly among the older audience, many prefer to stay away from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Therefore, one needs to keep in mind that a strong online presence is crucial, but that will inevitably leave some people out of the conversation.
  • Another important issue is that the internet is not the best medium for some messages, such as reminders of scheduling, billing alerts, etc. In this way, this technique can fill these gaps.

Low cost

  • The low cost of sending mass SMS is another great benefit of the strategy. The amount paid for each text message sent is very low because, even with the cost of sending, the cost of the content is practically nil: there is a small text, and that’s it.
  • SMS does not require photos, videos or other more elaborate and more expensive contents. The only job involved is to look for a responsible company, which will send bulk SMS in legalized form. Then just compose the message once and send it to the customers.

Convenience and efficiency in delivery

  • If it is easy to compose the text message that will be sent, it is even easier to receive it. The delivery of a message takes place almost immediately and therefore doesn’t require the recipient to be connected to the internet (which is an obstacle to e-mail, for ex).
  • In addition, text messaging has a very high opening rate, ensuring that your client has access to the message as quickly as possible, as per your wish.

Why using Bulk SMS?

With all of these advantages, sending bulk SMS can be a strategy for many types of messages. Because of its speed of delivery, reading and interaction, the text message is ideal for sending billing alerts and reminders that the expiration or scheduling date is near. It is the Corporate SMS, focused on messages about the services and products of the company.

Another utility of this technique is to alert all your customers about a promotion, discount or novelty. As a marketing strategy, the text messages arouse the interest of the consumers who, in a practical way, will know about special conditions and important news of the company.

Thus, sending mass SMS can be used as an interaction tool. Through it, your audience can vote and receive personalized news and information about an issue of interest to them.

Did you see? Sending bulk SMS can be the strategy that is lacking in communicating your company with customers!

Here, Alcodes offers SMS services at affordable prices with 100 free SMS at your desk. Your satisfaction is our priority.


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