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Using bulk SMS is one of the finest tool in the marketing game these days. The promotional strategy used for connecting the users directly is very successful. Therefore sending the Bulk SMS worldwide is the latest and most commonly used service for promoting business. The bulk SMS pricing plans are available at economical rates so as to make the service easily accessible by the companies.

The Pros of using a bulk SMS pricing service are as follows:


The rates of the services are very economical and thus the budget of any company for promotion and marketing is not disturbed. In addition, the service providers have great deals and amazing plans for sending bulk SMS worldwide. SMS cost varies from country to country which can be seen by changing the country option from the drop-down on the page. Hence, the SMS marketing profit deals are amazing and here are some of its perks.

Example: The rates for every country are different. You have to buy credits in your currency that is converted to some credits to be used for sending SMS. Credits and their respective prices for sending each SMS are mentioned below:

SMS credits Per credit price (in Rs.) Total (in Rs.) Discount(included in price itself)
1000 0.28 280 10%
10,000 0.20 2000 25%
25000 0.18 4500 35%
50,000 0.15 7500 45%
100,000 0.13 13000 60%

You can check more packages and exciting offers on our website With every country chosen the rule of the Government is mentioned on the page. Like for India, the TRAI governs the message sending limits, timings, and rules.

Sales booster:

The bulk SMS plays a major role in promoting any business. Directly reaching a person’s message box always helps you in introducing your services and plans. Therefore, reaching out to more and more people worldwide and enhancement in the sales department are directly proportional to each other.

Example: Employing 10-20 people for marketing would be very expensive. On the other hand, the sales can be increased by promoting by bulk SMS all across the world.

SMS Prices graph - AlcodesThe graphical representation shows more the SMS credits lesser is the price total

Effortless Marketing:

Such promotional tools involve an easy marketing of the business or its products. You have to employ fewer employees for promoting the business by a door to door service or showcasing expensive advertisements. Publicizing events or local job fairs become very easy if you send bulk SMS to the eligible category of users.

Example: A job fair message can be sent to all the student candidates by a BULK SMS service with the scheduled date and time. Any exhibition for selling international or national goods can be publicized to local people by sending bulk SMS.

“An exhibition of ethnic clothes will be held on Hotel Oberoi on 12 Sept at 10 AM – 10 PM”

Easy Feedbacks and Opinions:

The companies can easily ask for the user’s experience, opinions and feedbacks by sending bulk SMS to all their registered users so that the opinions can be sent to unregistered people as well while launching a new service or product.

Example: “You asked and we answered. JUST LAUNCHED Nykaa’a #MatteToLast Liquid Lipsticks. XXXXXX Get yours today……

This kind of messages helps them to review their service and increase consumer satisfaction. This directly affects the sales of the business by connecting with users on a clear platform.

Example:  After leaving a LAKME Saloon we get a message of “Hi XXXX, Thank You for visiting Lakme Salon. We would love to hear about your experience. Please share feedback on http://……….xxxxxx


The automated SMS is quick and respond the users with immediate response. If a user has any query then FAQ’s can be stored and answered by sending bulk SMS. This keeps the bond of the company and consumer strong. Thus always making the users trust in their company.

Example: In case of multiple transactions or big transactions a general message of “If the transaction is not done by you then send (FRAUD to 9956)”. Generally speaking, such alert messages are for user care and this maintains a good relationship between user and company. Thus, consumers become long-time users of the company and ultimately sales are directly increased.

CONCLUSION: In the summarised version, we can conclude that in today’s era when everything is fast forward and when you need to make your business grow and prosper, we are hereby providing with best bulk text messaging services at most affordable rates so that your products and services can be popularised and consequently, your business can fly high.


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